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About me:
Well... I'm short, like to laugh and to fangirl. ^_^ I really like to fangirl. A LOT!
According to my ID I'm 31 years old. According to my behaviour I'm about 5 to 15 years old, depending on my mood.
I love reading, esp. fantasy and science-fiction but a lot of mangas as well.
Favourite colour is blue (hence my layout) but for clothing it is olive.
Else... Frogs... cute little frogs make me happy. And catfrogs... make me happy as well and scare my friends.

In RL I work as a Technical Author. Manuals for tanks, excavators and loading cranes make my day.

My LJ:
Mixture of what happens at work, friends, fangirling, things I read or saw on TV, cinema. Just everything.
Sometimes I use a rather crude language if something annoyed me A LOT and very seldom entries are in German only, because I'm not able to translate them (which is more likely) or the entries refer to things that are of zero interest to people who don't live in a German speaking country.

My fandoms:
Tackey & Tsubasa
Especially Tackey. Ever since I've since "Majo no Jouken" I've fallen for him. I like the chemistry between T&T, their songs, they way they make me smile. T&T are just love.

Take That
The first fandom trap I ever fell into and when they announced their reunion it took me only a split second the fall into this trap again. Their shows are fun, I love their music, they rule *g*

Recently I started to watch less anime and read less manga BUT j-dorama are taking over. Every now and then I'll mention what I'm watching right now and try to convince you to watch it too.

Expect to read about them quite a lot in my entries. I adore them and their works. And as long as simply reading some of their diary entries gives me a laughing fit and their shows keep my smiling I won't stop mentioning them here. They are doing a great job on stage.

The rest
NEWS (Yamapi!), KAT-TUN, KinKi Kids, mangas, musicals, JE, fantasy, Star Wars...
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